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“The Batman Theme”

This was a huge deal when it hit theaters. It was the biggest movie to hit theaters for its time. The release of this movie paved the way for all the other comics to release modern classics. (The batman movies don’t really count – well maybe they do, but I’m discounting them because they were the 80s for the most part)

"The Batman Theme" (download)
From the EP Batman

“Hometown Glory”

Adele. Oh how I love your voice.

The beauty found in this song is complimented by voice. Her pitch and dynamic control is amazing. Hear for yourself in this song (below). The piano arrangement reminds me of a couple of songs already posted on this website. Namely “Everyday” by Carly Comando, and “The art teacher” by Rufus Wainwright.

You should buy this CD, if not for this song, for her rendition of “to make you feel my love” that she performs so flawlessly and brilliantly.
"Hometown Glory" (download)
From the EP 19

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