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Sam Cooke
“Bring it on home to me”

For the next few days we’re going to be featuring some Classic R&B+Soul songs. It has to be done, trust me.

Sam Cooke was the son of a Mississippi preacher, and he spent his youth in church choirs and gospel groups. Tragically, Sam was shot and killed in 1964 in circumstances that were never fully explained.

It’s too bad – he was at the height of his career.

From the Album: Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964

Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine

Otis Redding
“These Arms of Mine”

I love this song. It’s a perfect song for today. Soul/R&B like this is sorely missed (at least by me).

I feel his passing left a void in music that has yet to be filled. Eat your heart out Justin Timberlake — You probably don’t have enough soul to make music like this.

From the Album: The Very Best of Otis Redding, Vol. 1

Etta James
“A Sunday Kind of Love”

Well, it is Sunday after all. I thought Etta James would be a nice closer for the Soul/R&B music. She has such a big voice. Her music has aged like a fine wine, and I can’t imagine a world without this song or “At Last”.

Yes, she also got her start in the Baptist Church – at the age of 5.

From the Album: The Definitive Collection

Joe Cocker
“You Are so Beautiful”

Until today, I had no idea this was a cover. Hopefully this will be a surprise for you too. Billy Preston actually wrote this song. I think Joe’s version is way better.


From the Album: Ultimate Collection

I want a little sugar…

Nina Simone
“I want a little sugar in my bowl”

A few weeks ago I was in the Dominican Republic second-shooting a wedding with Dallas Wedding Photographer Stacy Reeves. We had an absolute blast!

During the reception, a lot of great music was played. One of the songs I had never heard was this one by Nina Simone – “I want a little sugar in my bowl”. I just thought I should share it with everyone here. Sit back, grab your loved one, and dive into this tune.

I hope you enjoy.

From the Album: The Very Best of Nina Simone