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Psapp – Hi


Apparently, this is the only band endorsed by cats. If you go to a live show, you might catch a cat. They tend to be thrown by the band into the crowd. No worries, they’re hand made — not real cats.

Psapp has a myspace page (doesn’t everyone?)

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, then you’ve already heard this band. Their song “Cosy in the Rocket” is the theme song for the show.

eclectic percussion – that’s what this music is all about. Have fun with this one.

From the Album: The Only Thing I Ever Wanted

Tom Waits

You’ve heard nothing like swordfishtrombone, unless of course you’ve heard other Tom Waits music. He has a truly unique take on the art of song and poetry. He’s pretty obscure in verse. Give this one a go.

From the Album: Swordfishtrombones

Imogen Heap
“Hide and Seek 2”

Immy is nothing short of greatness. I love her 12 second clips, tweets, and especially her music.

It has been a while since I have added any music. I needed to get back to the roots of this site, and I was able to do so through the same song that inspired me to start the blog – hide and seek. This version she recorded for a benefit CD for Tibet. This CD is amazing, and I encourage you to go buy it right now. It is truly inspirational.

From the Album: Songs For Tibet – The Art of Peace

Nick Wilson feat. Gabrielle Aplin
“Love can be so lonely, sometimes”

Well after almost a 2 year hiatus, I’ve found another song I wanted to post here. Enjoy this heap of sadness and beauty. This song reminds me of the first song I posted to this blog, almost 15 years ago.