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Erik Mongrain

Erik Mongrain plays a style of guitar called “lap tapping”. It’s unbelievable. You must see it to believe it. (Problems seeing video?)

You must purchase this CD. Erik’s talent is amazing. I’ve decided next week will be devoted to fingerstyle solo acoustic guitar. I hope you enjoy.

Visit Erik’s website

From the Album: Fates

Michael Hedges

There isn’t a weak track on this album. Michael hedges was a musical genius. His life was cut short in a car accident. It’s tragic – he was on his way to being a prolific and amazing musician. No one had heard anything like his music at the time.

From the Album: Breakfast in the Field

Preston Reed

“Reed has been releasing technically impressive acoustic guitar records for close to twenty years. His multifaceted style fuses elements of folk, jazz, blues and new age. His six-string work centers around a nimble fingerpicking approach, colored with occasional slide and harmonics playing.”
– Will York

From the Album: Ladies Night

Don Ross
“Michael, Michael, Michael”

This song was written as a tribute to Michael Hedges. Don Ross makes it clear that Michael Hedges was a major influence in his music. It’s a good one. I know I’ve featured Don before, but he needs another one. This week couldn’t be without one of his songs.

From the Album: Passion Session

Rodrigo y Gabriela

This is fantastic. I’ve posted These two before, but I had to post them again this week. Good times.

From the Album: Rodrigo y Gabriela (with Bonus DVD)

Jay Robken
“Patterns of Snow”

This ends the Fingerstyle Guitar week. Maybe I’ll revisit it later, but we’ll see.

Jay Robken has been as musician for as long as I’ve known him. I went to High school with him, and he was pretty good back then. He’s been all over the place performing on guitar. He has more music on his myspace page.


David Ryan Harris
“For You”

I recently went to the John Mayer concert in Dallas. It was pretty amazing. Aside from seeing Mayer play, I also got to watch/listen to David Ryan Harris perform before the concert. He was on a stage just inside the Smirnoff center, and he was pretty amazing. He tours with Mayer quite a bit, apparently. This song, “For You” is off his CD he’s currently selling at John Mayer concerts. If you go to a Mayer concert try to go early, listen to David and pick up his CD, “The Bittersweet”. This song “For You” is track #1 on that CD. He’ll also sign it for you, if you buy it there. Support this guy’s music – buy his CD. I’d like to see him with his own tour one day.

From the Album: The Bittersweet

Matt Wertz
“I will not take my love away”

I’ve wanted to post a Matt Wertz song for quite a while now. Stacy reminded me tonight that I hadn’t yet. We listened to a few of his songs, and this one was the first one that I felt was right for the site. Just the other day, I was listening to a song playing on the TV as the end credits were rolling by at the end of a movie. It was a Matt Wertz song. This one – “I Wll Not Take My Love Away” – is fairly short, but just long enough for him to tell us exactly what he wanted to with the song. I love it when a song leaves you wanting more at the end. It’s usually the #1 reason I hit the replay button, and also serves as evidence that I’m hooked (on a feelin’).

From the Album: Everything in Between

Ben Sollee
“Panning for gold”

This site wouldn’t be what it is today without you – the listener. I occasionally get emails from people who love this website and want to share artists they’re sure I’d love. This is one such case. A big thanks to Krystal for introducing me to Ben Sollee. If you know Krystal, pat her on the back for me.

I love this song. There’s such a flutter of goings on in this song. The soft high-pitched trills add an amazing depth to this song. It gives rise to a sort of tension that ends up resolving into the bridge. This song builds nicely and seems to end on a softer, more thoughtful note.

From the Album: Learning to Bend