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Archive for July, 2007

Ernie Halter
“When the Lights Go Down”

This one’s feels like a soulful gospel song. I know very little about this guy. I ran across him through a suggestion from a friend and I’ve been very impressed with a few songs on this CD. You should give it a listen. He apparently tours with Andy Davis, Will Hoge, and others.

From the Album: Congress Hotel

Ross Copperman
“They’ll Never Know”

I’m willing to bet this is an awesome CD, but I haven’t had a chance to hear it. I only ran across this one song by Ross. If this song is indicative of his work, then he’s an amazing writer. It reminds me of three artists/groups: Radiohead (old school), coldplay, and Eisley. Enjoy this one. More music coming very soon.

From the Album: Welcome to Reality

Sanders Bohlke

There’s something very familiar to me in Sanders’ music. It reminds me of Ray LaMontagne. I think in time this guy’s music will be pretty widely known soon. It’s very soulful and honest. The guitar licks (at least in this song) are very minimalistic and diminutive.

Well, there you have it.

From the Album: Sanders Bohlke

“Reasons to Love You”

I found out about Meiko indirectly through He actually exposes a surprisingly large number of music talents.
Meiko is based out of Los Angeles. Her music reminds me of Feist in a lot of ways, but with a little bit of a southern drawl to her accent in some of her songs. This song is currently my favorite of hers.


The Velvet Hearts
“History is Repeating”

Sometimes music finds me. I posted a video on youtube, and one of the members of the band Velvet Hearts requested to be added to my friends list. I listened to their music expecting to hear mediocrity, but I was very delightfully surprised. This band is excellent, and plays music from many genres.

Check our their myspace page, or some of their videos on youtube.

It looks as if they’re currently touring the UK. I hope they make it stateside soon.