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Archive for the 'Alternative/Punk' Category

Lily Allen
“Littlest Things”

Not only does this song have really interesting musical tidbits, but the lyrics are high quality also. Something tells me she spends a lot of time working on being a lyricist. I think she pulls it off nicely. Good form. Cheers mate.

From the Album: Alright, Still

Ben Sollee
“Panning for gold”

This site wouldn’t be what it is today without you – the listener. I occasionally get emails from people who love this website and want to share artists they’re sure I’d love. This is one such case. A big thanks to Krystal for introducing me to Ben Sollee. If you know Krystal, pat her on the back for me.

I love this song. There’s such a flutter of goings on in this song. The soft high-pitched trills add an amazing depth to this song. It gives rise to a sort of tension that ends up resolving into the bridge. This song builds nicely and seems to end on a softer, more thoughtful note.

From the Album: Learning to Bend