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Israel Kamakawiwoole
“Somewhere Over the rainbow & What a wonderful world”

This week is all about cover songs that I’ve liked over the years. We start out on one of my favorites. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” by Israel “Bruddah Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole. He was called “The gentle Giant” by his friends in Hawa’i. I first heard this song in the movie Raising Arizona. That was a long time ago.

Here is a youtube video of the performance.

From the Album: Facing Future

Gipsy Kings
“Hotel California”

Buenos dias! Oddly enough, I was exposed to the Gipsy Kings back in 2001. I listened to nearly everything they recorded. When I came across this song, I knew I would have to store it for this site 6 years later. Ok not really, but I do really dig this cover. The guitar parts are more heartfelt to me and for that reason I like this version better than the original. Who cares if you don’t speak Spanish? Sing along in English if you know the words.

From the Album: Volare! – The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings

Jason Mraz
“One Love”

This is One Love. Maybe you remember this song. It was first sung by Bob Marley. You can find this song on the “Gap Favorites” CD. That is, if you can still find one. Stacy introduced me to this cover tonight. I had never heard it before. It is pretty dope.

By this way, Today’s post is #100. Congrats to me for making it this far without quitting.


Rufus Wainwright
“Across the Universe”

I love the Beatles. I love Rufus. When he recorded this song for the “I am Sam” movie, I was ecstatic. This is the the perfect song for this week. This cover from the Beatles is quality work.

From the Album: I Am Sam – Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture

“The way you do the things you do”

I was 12 years old when UB40 released their cover of “Red, Red wine”. I love them as much now as I did then. I didn’t know how else to fit them into the site other than in a cover song week — So, voila. This song was written by the temptations.

From the Album: The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000

Annie Lennox
“A Whiter Shade of Pale”

As you know, I usually reserve sundays for Classical music. Since this week is ‘cover songs’ week, I figured I’d feature a song whose roots are from a Bach piece — Annie Lennox’s cover of “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, originally written by Procol Harum. You will notice the resemblance to Bach’s “Sleepers awake” and “Air on a G String”. Hundreds of artists have covered this song, but I picked this one.

Annie lennox is a synth-pop godess and diva with an androgynous fashion sense. Her version of this song also affords me a nice segue into next week’s genre i’m calling “Girl power” week. Next week will feature women artists only.

I remember being scared of her when I was younger. I saw her videos on TV and something about her demeanor scared me. She still scares me a bit, but I have learned to respect her. She’s confidant, artistic, and certainly a diva.

From the Album: Medusa

Lisa Loeb
“Life is just a bowl of Cherries”

This song was written in 1931. I used to be in like with Lisa Loeb when I was in high school (10 years ago). I still think she’s awesome. I wish she would come out with more music.

By the way, Lisa was also a part of Lilith Fair. Go go gadget girlpower.


Greg Laswell
“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

I’ve listened to this song a few times since Easter. I’ve been wanting to play it, but needed a good time to do so. This ends girl power week, and better way than to post a song about girls having fun? :)

I might have to continue this trend and post songs about girls. We’ll see. I have a day to mull it over.


The Well Pennies – All My Loving

The Well Pennies
“All My Loving”

New beginnings. Who better to start with than a classic, with a twist? I wouldn’t normally post a Beatles song, but this is a cover, and really well done.

From the Album: All My Loving

We Built This City

Aron Wright & Jill Andrews
“We Built This City”

Don’t worry, Marconi still plays the mambo. I heard this cover a few weeks ago on Grey’s Anatomy and had to post it. Grey’s is always the finder of amazing covers.