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Eisley – Just like what?

“Just like we do”

They’ve been called “dreamy indie pop purveyors”. For me, they took over where sixpence none the richer left off. It may not be entirely fair to compare them to sixpence, but I’m tranquilized by the harmonies and melodies in much the same way I was with sixpence. By the way, these aren’t just kids–They’ve opened for Coldplay. Eisley has some amazing music in their portfolio. Give them a look and listen.

From the Album: Room Noises

Over the Rhine
“Latter days”

It’s my party and I can cry if I want to. Well, I’m not crying. Because it’s my birthday, I’m breaking the rules and playing the only song that could possibly be played on my birthday — “Latter Days”.

I’ve listened to this song every year on or around my birthday for the past 5 years. So what — I’m sentimental. A very dear friend of mine introduced me to this song some 7 years ago. She is a magical person, and this song reminds me of her to this day.

Happy Birthday to me. Enjoy!

From the Album: Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Home Recordings

Nicole Nordeman – River God

Nichole Nordeman
“River God”

I listened to this song last night for the first time in about 2 years and knew I had to post it today.

When I first heard this song many years ago, I was struck by the lyrical skills of Nicole as well as her mastership tickling the ivory. The words she chose here fit perfectly with the high piano notes. The piano part is so affecting and stirring because she counters these high piano parts with really deep root chords at the end of her phrases — It will touch you.

From the Album: Wide Eyed