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Regina Spektor

Regina is contagious. She’s smart and musically creative. Regina’s influences include composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Chopin, as well as artists like Queen, The Beatles, and Ella Fitzgerald. Her music is sometimes filled with wonderful phrases full of arpeggios, and certainly light-hearted other times.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will be featuring another one of her songs, “Fidelity”, tomorrow Night on ABC. She deserves the recognition.

From the Album: Soviet Kitsch

The Velvet Hearts
“History is Repeating”

Sometimes music finds me. I posted a video on youtube, and one of the members of the band Velvet Hearts requested to be added to my friends list. I listened to their music expecting to hear mediocrity, but I was very delightfully surprised. This band is excellent, and plays music from many genres.

Check our their myspace page, or some of their videos on youtube.

It looks as if they’re currently touring the UK. I hope they make it stateside soon.


“The part where you let go”

Like the indigo girls, the harmonies in this song are actually lower than the melody. I absolutely love the result. If I were to classify this group, I’d say it’s nickel creek meets Indigo girls. It’s a bit more complex than just that though. You’ll find many more instruments in HEM’s arsenal. If you listen to “Half acre” you’ll hear a bassoon, an oboe, piano, xylophone, clarinets, and strings.

If a sense of musical folk is your thing, you’ll really dig this music.

From the Album: Home Again, Home Again

Cat Power
“The Greatest”

Well, I wouldn’t call her the greatest. That might be reserved for Mohammed Ali, but she is great.
I first learned of Cat power through television commercials. After that, I went musical-spelunking for her works. She’s got some great tunes.

This one has bits of “Moon River” in it. Can you pick it out?

From the Album: The Greatest