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Koop – Waltz for Koop

“Waltz for Koop”

I wish I had better words to describe how awesome this music is. Here’s a go — It’s a mix of acid jazz, satin vocals, and record cracks/pops creating amazingly ethereal musical magic.

The vocals are performed by Cecilia Stalin, and quite amazingly done.

I’m off to dance. This waltz is addictive.

From the Album: Waltz for Koop

Marisa Monte
“Universo Ao Meu Redor”

I’ve been taken to a new place, musically. Hold on for the ride–we’re in samba country now. Whilst I digress, I’ll wax poetic a bit about the paradigm shift. I’m only kidding. That was a bit of an inside joke.

I’m probably going to be in this realm of music for a while. Don’t lose interest. We’ll come back to reality eventually.

This CD was released in 2006, and I had quite a hard time deciding which one of her songs to post. They’re all amazing.

From the Album: Universo ao Meu Redor

Stan Getz
“These Foolish Things”

Listening to this music makes me much more contemplative, and makes me want to play my own saxophone.
I was listening to Stan Getz and felt myself drawn to play, so I went out to my favorite spot and just played for an hour. I needed that.

I’ll leave you with your thoughts now. I’ve got some of my own to ponder.

From the Album: Stan Getz Plays

Nicola Conte
“Bossa Per Due”

You can’t feature a set of Acid Jazz artists without including Nicola Conte. The music here is strong and steady. I’ll soon be wrapping up this “secret agent” music, it seems. It was good for a time, as it certainly helped me focus in on some things.

I’m not sure where we’ll be soon, but I want to delve into something new. We shall see. Secret Agent music may be around for a few more days. It just depends on how life evolves.

From the Album: Bossa per Due

Charlie Parker

A few people have asked me what I played on my saxophone the other day. Here’s the song (but in a different key). Naturally, Charlie sounds better than I do. I’m a bit out of practice.

Charlie Parker can rightfully be considered the father of modern jazz.

It looks like the secret agent music gets a second lease on life for a while. I’m sorry to those of you who like words in songs, but you’ll just have to be patient. The good times are coming for you again one day.

From the Album: Charlie Parker with Strings

Dave Brubeck
“Take 5”

I know this is a bit played and completely obvious. You don’t have to tell me that. I was a fan of Dave Brubeck’s music from the moment his sounds first graced my ears. I chose this song while listening to Medeski, Martin & Wood’s “Latin Shuffle”. I would have posted it but it is too long. It’s also probably a bit much for some of you. MM&W are crossover artists. Their music is phenomenal. Check them out sometime.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m wrapping up the “secret agent” music. Take 5 is a great way to end it.

The only problem is, I’m not sure where that takes us for tomorrow.

From the Album: The Essential Dave Brubeck