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Don Ross
“Berkeley Springs”

“Berkeley Springs” is one of Don Ross’ more reflective pieces. He is a fingerstyle virtuoso and has won the prestigious National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship — twice. Like many great performers, he can make it look easy.
He’s been playing over 30 years and this piece sums up the masterful skill with which he composes. Don’t let this track fool you. A first-hand experience is needed to understand the love Don has for his music. He performs with passion and grace.

Many people are often curious what tunings Don uses. For this song it is FACFCF. Give it a try.

From the Album: Passion Session

Cirque Du Soleil – Benoit Jutras

This is breaking a rule but this song needs to be here, regardless of age.

Earlier I mentioned how Imogen Heap’s “Us” reminded me of Benoit Jutras’ music, and now I am posting one of his finer creations.
I also chose this piece, from “Quidam”, because it gave me the most options for future posts. This song reminds me of many things. Normally when I think about circus music, I think 3/4 time (think: waltz), but this song is a slight departure from that. It is, however, still very much circus-like. This piece reminds me of Italy, and especially of Nino Rota. You may or may not recognize the name, but you should remember what he composed–The music for “The Godfather”.

Sit back, relax, and take in “Innocence”. Listen for the children jumping rope in the background. I know because I have seen Quidam live.

From the Album: Quidam

Phillip Glass

Well, this isn’t the most obvious song to use when comparing to the previous post but you might get the idea. Phillip’s music has always been compelling to me. He has a bit of a minimalist style, but there is still so much depth to his work. Tomorrow we return to reality. If the classical music is a hit, perhaps I will do it once a week. I’m still not certain. What do you think?

From the Album: Illusionist

Stan Getz
“These Foolish Things”

Listening to this music makes me much more contemplative, and makes me want to play my own saxophone.
I was listening to Stan Getz and felt myself drawn to play, so I went out to my favorite spot and just played for an hour. I needed that.

I’ll leave you with your thoughts now. I’ve got some of my own to ponder.

From the Album: Stan Getz Plays

Charlie Parker

A few people have asked me what I played on my saxophone the other day. Here’s the song (but in a different key). Naturally, Charlie sounds better than I do. I’m a bit out of practice.

Charlie Parker can rightfully be considered the father of modern jazz.

It looks like the secret agent music gets a second lease on life for a while. I’m sorry to those of you who like words in songs, but you’ll just have to be patient. The good times are coming for you again one day.

From the Album: Charlie Parker with Strings

Sarah McLachlan
“Last Dance”

Sarah started Lilith Fair – a fact that I had forgotten. At each Lilith Fair venue, one dollar for each ticket sold was given to a women’s charity in that community.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear a high-pitched “bendy” instrument. It’s a saw. A soccer game I attended last year included a performance by an artist who played the National Anthem on a saw. Here is a picture I took of that performance.

From the Album: Surfacing