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Archive for June, 2019

Grace Kelly
“Trying to Figure It Out”

Once upon a time, I was a saxophonist. Never anywhere near approaching the skill level of Grace Kelly, mind you. She’s amazing.
She plays the sax like it was her first language, she sings beautifully, and writes her own music. This is one of her songs off of her new album “GO TiME”. You can buy it here.


if for some reason the video link at youtube is broken, I’ve provided a backup here

The Eastern Plain feat. Frigga
“I Go Blind”

I don’t know where or how I found this song originally. All I know is, I was thumbing through old “shazams” on my phone and stumbled on this mystical, airy folk tune and loved it. Initially, I thought it was Zooey Deschanel for a second, so I wanted to find out for sure who it was. This song also reminds me a bit of another band I’ve featured here before — Over The Rhine.

If you’re interested in finding more songs from this band, I recommend going to their soundcloud page. They have music in the genres of pop, country, folk, and a pop song that might as well be rock.

From the Album: Another Go Round (If you really like this song, go support Epidemic sound by buying this album. it’s SUPER cheap.)

SYML – The War

SYML – The War
From the “In my Body” EP

Firstly, it’s pronounced “simmel”. Secondly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find music more heartfelt than this. Give it time, this one builds, and builds, and builds. I promise there’s a payoff near the end. It delivers.

If Brian’s voice is familiar, that’s because he was featured in music previously posted on this blog: Barcelona – Get Up. Yep, he was a member of Barcelona.

For a glimpse into the artist’s mind, here’s a particularly interesting quote:

I had to bleed and really be upset with myself to understand fully how to learn something like music. It all collided at the same time and I really latched onto writing songs at that point. You need to let go of being perfect or being the best. As soon as you accept failing at something and can give yourself up in a personal way to the music, then you can finally be light enough to reach your potential. – Brian Fennell

Once you’re done listening to the song, go watch the video. There’s raw power in this song, and the video does a fair job of extracting the last drop of emotion out of it.

His music is so powerful.

From the double EP: The Hurt EPs