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Peter Gabriel
“Washing of the Water”

Yesterday, the high tide–Today, it’s about the “Washing of the Water”. This song is incredibly metaphorical, and has a great deal of depth (pardon the pun). I’m also posting this song for people who love and lived in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. For some, the waters took it all away. As the song says, may the waters also “Bring [you] something that will take [the] pain away.”

From the Album: Us

Alternate Routes

There’s something youthful and pure about the music from this band. I hope they stay true to the inspiration that created this song. It’s where I hope they hover for years to come. My ears would be lucky to hear what this band can create. Let’s all hope the coming years are good to The Alternate Routes.

From the Album: Good & Reckless & True

Augustana – Boston


Apparently Falsetto is in lately — This song reminds me of the way James Blunt weaves falsetto into his melodies.

Maybe I’ll stick with Adult Alternative for a spell.

From the Album: All The Stars And Boulevards

Mat Kearney
“Where we gonna go from here”

This guy’s music is probably all over the radio right now — i’m not sure. I can honestly say I don’t listen to the radio.

With Vocals like Chris Martin, subtle guitar parts, and an ethereal mix of instruments in the background, it’s hard not to like this guy’s music.

From the Album: Nothing Left to Lose

“See You Soon”

Listening to Mat made me want to feature a Coldplay song. Hopefully this isn’t one you’ve heard. They certainly don’t play this one on the radio. It’s from a CD released in 2000 (Blue Room), and it isn’t available everywhere. If you’re a crazed Coldplay fan like me, then you’ve certainly heard this song before.

This song needs no explanation (but I’ll give you one anyway).

It’s about someone’s insecurity — someone who apparently can’t trust, and shuts them self in from (I assume) relationships. (source:

I featured it for many reasons. Listen to the words.

“Don’t lose your trust…”

From the Album: Blue Room

Iron & Wine
“Naked as we came”

As we come into this world naked, so too shall we leave it in similar form. This song is about as sad as anything I’ve ever heard.

As Mat Kearney put it, This song is a “haunting and beautiful love song that make death seem pretty.”

I tend to agree. Thanks to Jordan for introducing me to Iron and Wine.

From the Album: Our Endless Numbered Days

John Dowland,Sting,Edin Karamazov
“Come Again”

It seems as though Sting finds a way to crop up here and there from time to time. This time he’s performing a piece composed by John Dowland (1563-1626), performed by Edin Karamazov (on lute).

Sting’s Songs from the Labyrinth is not for the average listener, but it was not meant to be. It’s a must for any serious music collector. Sting not only covers these 17th century compositions, but he also joins Karamazov on a couple of the duets, and reads a bit of a letter written by John Dowland.

Suspend disbelief for just a moment — A 21st century pop artist is actually featuring works originally played for the Danish courts in the 17th century. The appreciation of classical art evolves before our ears.

From the Album: Songs from the Labyrinth (Music by John Dowland)

Gary Jules
“Falling Awake”

I first heard Gary’s music while watching Donnie Darko. I keep coming back to this song every couple of weeks — It was time to finally post it. Check out Gary Jules’ website. On second thought, don’t go to his website. He doesn’t really update it.

From the Album: Gary Jules


Alanis raised a firestorm of protest when she released her CD “Jagged Little Pill”. I remember Wal-Mart banning the CD. They wouldn’t sell it. Apparently some of the words in the track “You outta know” were just too much to stomach for Wal-Mart.

Regardless, Alanis apologized for nothing. She stood by her words and her music. For that I give her a thumbs up, and put her in this week’s music.

From the Album: City Of Angels

Chris Cornell
“Preaching to the end of the world”

I wanted to post “Sunshower” but I couldn’t find out what CD it was on, so I decided to post this one instead. You should listen to sunshower, if you can find it. It’s amazing.

From the Album: Euphoria Morning

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