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Annie Lennox
“A Whiter Shade of Pale”

As you know, I usually reserve sundays for Classical music. Since this week is ‘cover songs’ week, I figured I’d feature a song whose roots are from a Bach piece — Annie Lennox’s cover of “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, originally written by Procol Harum. You will notice the resemblance to Bach’s “Sleepers awake” and “Air on a G String”. Hundreds of artists have covered this song, but I picked this one.

Annie lennox is a synth-pop godess and diva with an androgynous fashion sense. Her version of this song also affords me a nice segue into next week’s genre i’m calling “Girl power” week. Next week will feature women artists only.

I remember being scared of her when I was younger. I saw her videos on TV and something about her demeanor scared me. She still scares me a bit, but I have learned to respect her. She’s confidant, artistic, and certainly a diva.

From the Album: Medusa

Indigo Girls
“Love Will Come to You”

I heard this song for the first time in 2000. I have loved it since. These two girls are amazing musicians. You should listen to more of their work. These girls are all about girl power.

From the Album: Rites of Passage

Rufus Wainwright
“Leaving for Paris No. 2”

He is? No. This is a track from his new album, “Release the Stars” coming out on May 15th. The whole CD is pretty good. It’s what you’d expect from Rufus – ornate, unique, and with a bit of classical flair.

From the Album: Release the Stars

David Gray
“This Years love”

“…This years love had better last…”

This is an amazing song. It’s track number eight on the CD, but you’ll be in love with this Album long before you get to it.

I know I’ve taken a sabbatical from the website. I’m back at the helm now though. I’m not sure it’ll be daily updates, but It’ll certainly be frequent.

Anyone have ideas for song choices? I’d like to do a theme. I’d previously been thinking of featuring a song from various countries around the world. What are your ideas? Email ’em to me:

From the Album: White Ladder

“Exit Music (For a film)”

I don’t know where to begin when it comes with Radiohead. I love Radiohead’s music as much (if not more) than I love cake. And I lerv cake. This song doesn’t begin to tell the story of how great Radiohead is. I truly hope you enjoy this song. I’ve got a playlist of my top Radiohead songs, and I’ve shared it with many friends. If ye want, ye shall receive.

ENJOY! That’s an order mister! (or mrs. or misses?)

From the Album: OK Computer

John Mayer
“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

I felt it appropriate to post a John Mayer Song. In true Digitalcitrus style, however, I had to post an acoustic version. This entire album is fabadabadoo.

Why aren’t you ordering it already?

By the way, John Mayer (and Ben Folds) is coming to Dallas next weekend. I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll see you there? Yes, you should go.

From the Album: The Village Sessions

Imogen Heap
“Just For Now”

I obtained a copy of “Just for Now” performed live by Imogen Heap. This recording from studio 11 (103.1 FM). Many of you don’t know this, but Imogen’s music is the reason I started this site. If you like the music I post here, and have been touched by any of it, you have her to thank.

Here is the video to this live recording.

From the Album: Speak for Yourself

“Internal Crash”

Loquat is based out of San Francisco. They’re named after a fruit? I wonder if it’s citrusy. This song is one of few by Loquat that I like. I feel like I’m walking toward a desert wasteland where no music exists. If you know of excellent music I haven’t posted, please let me know. I need it like a wanderer needs an oasis of water.

From the Album: It’s Yours to Keep

David Ryan Harris
“For You”

I recently went to the John Mayer concert in Dallas. It was pretty amazing. Aside from seeing Mayer play, I also got to watch/listen to David Ryan Harris perform before the concert. He was on a stage just inside the Smirnoff center, and he was pretty amazing. He tours with Mayer quite a bit, apparently. This song, “For You” is off his CD he’s currently selling at John Mayer concerts. If you go to a Mayer concert try to go early, listen to David and pick up his CD, “The Bittersweet”. This song “For You” is track #1 on that CD. He’ll also sign it for you, if you buy it there. Support this guy’s music – buy his CD. I’d like to see him with his own tour one day.

From the Album: The Bittersweet

Ross Copperman
“They’ll Never Know”

I’m willing to bet this is an awesome CD, but I haven’t had a chance to hear it. I only ran across this one song by Ross. If this song is indicative of his work, then he’s an amazing writer. It reminds me of three artists/groups: Radiohead (old school), coldplay, and Eisley. Enjoy this one. More music coming very soon.

From the Album: Welcome to Reality

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