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Muse – Ruled by Secrecy

“Ruled by Secrecy”

I loved this band the instant I heard their music about a year and a half ago. Their music is pure emotion. Their songs primarily follow a “quiet-loud-quiet” pattern, as in this song. This one is different from a lot of their other music on this CD, which was released in 2004. I didn’t hvae time to find anything new today, so I reached into my grab bag of goodies for this one. Perhaps it is a bit mainstream, but simply put I love their music.

By the way, their influences (among others) are Radiohead and Nirvana — I for one can tell. These guys started their band when they were only 13. Their music and their band name (Gothic Plague) have improved.

From the Album: Absolution

Kenna is hellbent


Kenna is the son of an Ethiopian immigrant who moved to Virginia Beach. He was inspired to write music after hearing U2’s Joshua Tree album. I think Kenna is ahead of its time, and I am hopeful his music will fall on kind ears. If you like this song, check out “Freetime” and “War in Me”. Kenna also teamed up with the Neptunes in 2006 and released a single called “Out of Control”. It’s also good.
Information about Kenna is far and few between online for the moment. I’m hoping a groundswell of support starts soon. I want to hear more music from this artist.

From the Album: New Sacred Cow

Tegan and Sara,Tegan & Sara
“Where does the good go”

I heard this song on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy from the second season. I thought it was a bit whiny, but still an interesting song. I’ve since excused the “whiny”. This song is a slight departure from other songs found so far on the site. I may be slowly diverting into other areas for a while. Please tell me the “sappy” tunes haven’t all been tapped? We’ll see.

From the Album: So Jealous

Kodaline – All I want

“All I want”

One of my favorite songs from the previous year. I spent a lot of time soaking this in, as well as the video. It’s as visually stunning (and tells a story) as the song beautiful musically. If you like the song, you’ll likely love the video. You can watch Kodaline’s video here.

From the Album: Kodaline