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Griffin House
“Only Love Remains”

There’s something very powerful and reminiscent in this song for me. Years ago in college when I was a music major, I’d go to the concert hall and lock myself away in one of the small and intimate piano auditoriums. I would turn out all the lights and just play the piano. No words. No light. Only music. I will forever remember how the echoing chords touched me in a very literal sense. The notes would hang in the air forever as if they didn’t want to leave that dark room. The beginning of this song reminds me of what I used to play in that dark room. I hope you let the first few chords seep into you.

Just when I thought this song couldn’t get any better, the harmonica rings out. It’s brilliant.

On a side note, I thought the production of this song was interesting – especially the ending. He sings an octave above and at a much louder dynamic (as you should be able to tell in his vocal inflections), but he’s standing further away from the microphone, and it is almost like he’s singing in a room too small for his voice.

By the way, this version of the song isn’t the same one as on the CD attached to this post. I honestly can’t tell you where to get this copy. (other than here)

I hope you enjoy.

All my things, melt away.
Only love… love remains.

From the Album: House Of David, Vol. 1

Low Anthem
“Charlie Darwin”

Perfectly beautiful melancholy. This song has touched me, and will haunt you. This band holds a special place in my heart.

If you like the falsetto of the likes of Bon Iver, This is a MUST hear.
Also, for a really interesting experience, Check out the video

From the Album: Oh My God Charlie Darwin