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Michelle Featherstone
“Coffee & Cigarettes”

Warning: This is an intense break-up song about quitting.

I don’t see this current musical path changing anytime soon. I’m suffering from a small bout of melancholy. Does the song make us melancholy or do we pick the song because we are melancholy? Whatever it is, I’ll make the most of it. I appreciate music more lately if it has a prominent rhythm piano part, gospel influences and an acoustic feel. There’s something very poignant and penetrating about this sort of musical style. It also helps if it is very lyrically bewitching–like this one.

From the Album: One Tree Hill, Vol. 2

Damien Rice has 9 crimes?

Damien Rice
“9 crimes (demo)”

I would have rather posted “The Blower’s daughter” but this song is more recent, and therefore, more relevant. I would like this song much more if the piano track wasn’t a digital fabrication of a piano. It’s a good fabrication, but still, I can tell the timbre of a real piano versus something digital most days.

That said, this is still a great song. The incredibly soft, deep bass drum notes were an excellent addition.

From the Album: 9

Ray LaMontagne
“Lesson Learned”

Today we are given a lesson on heart-felt singing, by Ray LaMontagne. Ray is (was?) apparently quite shy on stage, and is prone to have the lights turned down low.

You should also listen to “Three More Days”. It reminds me of good 70’s music– Like something Bill Withers would write (“Use Me”).
Ray is on track to becoming quite a prolific songwriter. Stay tuned for many more good days of great music from him.

From the Album: Till The Sun Turns Black

Death Cab for Cutie
“I will follow you into the dark”

A bit of honesty and vulnerability takes this song a long way. For a time, proceeds of this song went to help fund the relief efforts (Children’s health fund) caused by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. That wins it a gold star from me.
The band was invited by Eddie Vedder to join Pearl Jam on 2004’s Vote For Change Tour, and Death Cab landed a major record deal shortly thereafter.

From the Album: Plans

Chris Martin

Sorry for such a late post today. As you know, Sundays are special ‘days off’ for me musically. Today I’m posting a song near and dear to my heart. This was the first Coldplay song I had ever heard, and at the time I had written them off. I wasn’t crazy about this song at first. In fact, it was a bit of an annoyance to me. However, after their second and third singles released, i realized this band was no one-hit-wonder. Now, I love this song.

This particular version is from Sounds Eclectic Too — an amazing radio program. So many great bands have been featured on ‘sounds eclectic’ albums. Go out and buy this album. It’s worth it.

From the Album: KCRW – Sounds Eclectic Too

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Nick Drake
“Pink Moon”

This song was originally released in 1974. The saddest thing about Drake’s music is that this song is being used to sell Volkswagens. He should be remembered for more than just a car commercial.

I relate to Nick’s style of guitar playing as itt closely resembles a style I used to play. I put Nick’s style of music in the same eccentric circle of artists such as Tom Waits, Neil Halstead, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and others.

Sadly, Nick committed suicide. He battled depression, kept his own hours, and had trouble sleeping during the latter years of his life. He was withdrawn, retrospective, and had a sense of disquiet about him. The UK Press said he had come to represent a certain type of ‘doomed romantic’ musician. There are others in my mind who have gone down a similar path as Nick: The Black Crowes, Lane Staley, Kurt Cobain. Heroine seems to be a common thread. Some make it out the rabbit hole, and some don’t.

If you like this song, check out more of his music.

From the Album: Pink Moon

A.J. Croce – All about you

A.J. Croce
“All About You”

Today I feature A.J. (Adrian James) Croce. Yes, A.J. is Jim Croce’s son.

When I was a kid I idolized everything about my dad — especially his music. I wouldn’t know who Jim Croce is without his influence on my musical tastes. That’s why when I saw AJ was making music, I needed to check it out. Some of AJ’s music reminds me of Tom Waits. He has a way-older-than-his-years voice that I really like. It’s not terribly evident in this song, but check out “Trouble in Mind”. You’ll really get a taste of his Waits-like scratchiness. Most of his songs include either a guitar or a piano.

From the Album: Cantos

The Red West – Twenty-One

The Red West

I saw The Red West perform a few years ago. They were the opening band, but didn’t sound like an opener. Their performance was amazing. This song, “Twenty-One” is a pretty good single. If you like this song, you should listen to “Starting Over”. Good luck finding it though. I’ve got a rare (I guess) recording of it. Let me know if you’re really interested in finding it.

These guys hail from Southern California. They’ve opened for Dave Matthews Band, among others. I like the vocals. What more can I say. Give them a shot.

From the Album: The Red West

Justin King
“Your Black Hair”

I’m not sure what this song’s title really is. I can’t seem to find any mention of it in any form. If you know, please do tell me. I’m told from a very reliable source that the name of this song is “Your Black Hair”.

What I do know is that Justin King is an amazing guitarist. If you don’t believe me, check out this video. (tip: skip ahead to the 45 second mark)

His skills on the guitar are undeniable.

A friend of mine (Casey) asked me about a song I had once sent her — this song — just as I was looking for a song to post today. It was reason enough to stop looking for a song. Serendipity was working overtime.



Colin Hay
“Waiting for my Real Life to Begin”

I was a fan when I first heard Men at Work when I was a kid. Knowing that Colin hasn’t stopped writing makes my heart feel warm.
His music has been featured all over the place. Most recently on scrubs, the T.V. show.

If you like this, listen to his “Beautiful World”, “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You” and “Water Song”.
It’ll make your day, I promise.

From the Album: Going Somewhere

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