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Tom Waits

You’ve heard nothing like swordfishtrombone, unless of course you’ve heard other Tom Waits music. He has a truly unique take on the art of song and poetry. He’s pretty obscure in verse. Give this one a go.

From the Album: Swordfishtrombones

Israel Kamakawiwoole
“Somewhere Over the rainbow & What a wonderful world”

This week is all about cover songs that I’ve liked over the years. We start out on one of my favorites. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” by Israel “Bruddah Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole. He was called “The gentle Giant” by his friends in Hawa’i. I first heard this song in the movie Raising Arizona. That was a long time ago.

Here is a youtube video of the performance.

From the Album: Facing Future

Gipsy Kings
“Hotel California”

Buenos dias! Oddly enough, I was exposed to the Gipsy Kings back in 2001. I listened to nearly everything they recorded. When I came across this song, I knew I would have to store it for this site 6 years later. Ok not really, but I do really dig this cover. The guitar parts are more heartfelt to me and for that reason I like this version better than the original. Who cares if you don’t speak Spanish? Sing along in English if you know the words.

From the Album: Volare! – The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings

Harry Belafonte
“Island in the sun”

*sigh*. I recently finalized a trip to Jamaica. Well, nearly finalized – The plane ticket has been purchased. I’m going there for about 5 days for some fun in the sun, relaxation, and some much needed rest. I’ll be heading down there in September and I can hardly wait.

As a tribute, today I feature Harry Belafonte. Maybe I’ll post “Jamaica Farewell” when I return from my trip.

From the Album: Very Best of Harry Belafonte

Imogen Heap
“Just For Now”

I obtained a copy of “Just for Now” performed live by Imogen Heap. This recording from studio 11 (103.1 FM). Many of you don’t know this, but Imogen’s music is the reason I started this site. If you like the music I post here, and have been touched by any of it, you have her to thank.

Here is the video to this live recording.

From the Album: Speak for Yourself

Quantic & Nickodemus
“Mi Swing es Tropical”

I fell in love with this tune the first time I heard it in a commercial for Apple’s iPod. This Spanish number has been stuck in my head for days. Posting it here was the only way to get it out of my system. This song is featured on the CD associated with this post as well as a CD for Quantic, since this track was apparently a collaborative effort.

I hope this song is as fun for you as it is for me.

From the Album: Endangered Species

“The part where you let go”

Like the indigo girls, the harmonies in this song are actually lower than the melody. I absolutely love the result. If I were to classify this group, I’d say it’s nickel creek meets Indigo girls. It’s a bit more complex than just that though. You’ll find many more instruments in HEM’s arsenal. If you listen to “Half acre” you’ll hear a bassoon, an oboe, piano, xylophone, clarinets, and strings.

If a sense of musical folk is your thing, you’ll really dig this music.

From the Album: Home Again, Home Again

Sigur Ros
“Góðan daginn”

Don’t ask me what they’re singing about – I’ve no idea. I do know the title means good morning or good day. I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to this album and others of Sigur Rós lately. It seems to help counteract the current stresses with work. Something about the falsetto here is soothing. Sigur is like the Radiohead of Iceland. I really love their music.

From the Album: Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

Ben Sollee
“Panning for gold”

This site wouldn’t be what it is today without you – the listener. I occasionally get emails from people who love this website and want to share artists they’re sure I’d love. This is one such case. A big thanks to Krystal for introducing me to Ben Sollee. If you know Krystal, pat her on the back for me.

I love this song. There’s such a flutter of goings on in this song. The soft high-pitched trills add an amazing depth to this song. It gives rise to a sort of tension that ends up resolving into the bridge. This song builds nicely and seems to end on a softer, more thoughtful note.

From the Album: Learning to Bend

Imogen Heap
“Hide and Seek 2”

Immy is nothing short of greatness. I love her 12 second clips, tweets, and especially her music.

It has been a while since I have added any music. I needed to get back to the roots of this site, and I was able to do so through the same song that inspired me to start the blog – hide and seek. This version she recorded for a benefit CD for Tibet. This CD is amazing, and I encourage you to go buy it right now. It is truly inspirational.

From the Album: Songs For Tibet – The Art of Peace

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