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Greg Holden – Changes

Greg Holden

I’ve been following Greg Holden for about a year now on youtube. For the past month or so I’ve been wanting to post one of his songs, and tonight he posted a song that I simply could not pass up. “Changes” is amazing. This version I’ve posted is a live performance, not a studio cut. He has an amazing ability to create beautiful melodies and deliver the lyrics with such fluidity. I love every song he’s posted.


Thom Yorke (of Radiohead)
“Fog (again) (live)”

I love Thom Yorke. I love him for music like this. For all the songs like this he has created, and for the way he delivers a melody. There’s something so real conveyed when he sings, and I love how his songs usually have a “shape” to them. They start quiet, build build BUILD, and then fall off again. This short number is part of a b-sides album of rare gems, originally released in 2004 as a Japan-only compilation album.

Remember when all songs were this short? They left you wanting more, just like this one does. If you just hit play for the 5th time, go buy the album. Thanks for listening.

From the Album: Com Lag (2Plus2IsFive)

Kina Grannis
“Teeny Tiny”

She said not to take this song seriously, but seriously – I LOVE this tune. It’s just her and her ukulele, and there’s something so sweet and innocent about it. The lyrics are a bit light-hearted and whimsical. I hope this song strikes a chord with you in the way that it did me. Kina, if you are reading this, I am a big fan and cannot wait until you come to Dallas on May 9th. I am looking forward to your performance.

If you love this song, check out the video, and check out all her other work on youtube. She has some amazing songs on there.


Joshua Radin
“No Envy, No fear”

Having seen this man in concert, I can tell you he has a passion for music. Everything he performed was ethereal.

I heard this song for the first time last week, and have been sitting on it like a man who finds a piece of gold. I didn’t want to share it with anyone for a while.

Now, here it is. Buy this CD. There’s a link below.

From the Album: Simple Times

“Hometown Glory”

Adele. Oh how I love your voice.

The beauty found in this song is complimented by voice. Her pitch and dynamic control is amazing. Hear for yourself in this song (below). The piano arrangement reminds me of a couple of songs already posted on this website. Namely “Everyday” by Carly Comando, and “The art teacher” by Rufus Wainwright.

You should buy this CD, if not for this song, for her rendition of “to make you feel my love” that she performs so flawlessly and brilliantly.

From the Album: 19