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Kodaline – All I want

“All I want”

One of my favorite songs from the previous year. I spent a lot of time soaking this in, as well as the video. It’s as visually stunning (and tells a story) as the song beautiful musically. If you like the song, you’ll likely love the video. You can watch Kodaline’s video here.

"All I want" (download)
From the EP Kodaline

The Well Pennies
“All My Loving”

New beginnings. Who better to start with than a classic, with a twist? I wouldn’t normally post a Beatles song, but this is a cover, and really well done.

"All My Loving" (download)
From the EP All My Loving

2014. We’re back!

If you’re still checking this site, you’re in luck. I’m about to start posting more songs. Not every day, but hopefully twice a week. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll at least like to have a new song up on Mondays.

For those who don’t know, in 2012 I moved to Paris, France. It’s been one heck of a busy year+, but I’m starting to get settled and I’d like to get back to posting wonderful music for you.

I’ve been away long enough.



The Cinematic Orchestra
“To Build A Home”

I’ve heard this song before, have always loved it, but never had the chance to discover who it was until now. Now I share it with you.

"To Build A Home" (download)
From the EP To Build A Home

Mindy Gledhill
“Bring me close”

I ran across this song while watching the Olympics. It was featured in a fruit of the loom commercial, and it’s just pure gold.

I first heard of Mindy when I was listening to Dance/House music. Kaskade sampled her song “eyes”. If you haven’t heard it you should, It’s amazing.

"Bring me close" (download)
From the EP none

Matinee – Hurts to Purr

Hurts to Purr

A kind of reset. I’ve tried to resume uploading music to the blog, and have had a few failed restarts. I’m making no promises going forward, but I’m trying.

“It’s a perfect day for a Matinee….”

This is a beautiful tune. I’m a sucker for the warm tones of a lone piano. Nothing is too overdone in this song, and it just hit me right. I hope you enjoy.

"Matinee" (download)
From the EP Matinee

James Morrison makes it real.

James Morrison
“You make it real”

I stumbled onto James Morrison tonight while browsing around Spotify. After listening to the CD version, I dug around on the interwebs and found an acoustic version that I liked better. I usually like acoustic takes better. I was listening to his raspy voice, and the ease with which the music flows from him, and knew he was perfect for the blog here. There’s just so much soul emanating from this guy. He’s everything I wish I could be as a guitar player and singer. He’s so much more than just this song, though. Listen to some of his other stuff too.

"You make it real" (download)
From the EP Songs For You, Truths For Me

Little Dragon – Twice

Little Dragon

“Twice I turned my back on you….”. I’ve turned my back on you guys more than twice, sadly.

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’m trying to revive the site. I hope you’re excited. I’ve got some really good music planned for posting.

I really do love this song, and I thought it was appropriate for my return. Little Dragon is trip-hop, if you couldn’t tell. This song has been rolling around in my head for quite some time, and I’ve always known it was perfect for the website. Enjoy.

You might also enjoy the video

"Twice" (download)
From the EP Little Dragon

Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

Low Anthem
“Charlie Darwin”

Perfectly beautiful melancholy. This song has touched me, and will haunt you. This band holds a special place in my heart.

If you like the falsetto of the likes of Bon Iver, This is a MUST hear.
Also, for a really interesting experience, Check out the video

"Charlie Darwin" (download)
From the EP Oh My God Charlie Darwin

Every culture everywhere he has been, people seem to simply get it. They get the pentatonic scale. It doesn’t have to be taught. This is a fun example of what makes neuro scientists tingle all over.

See for yourself:

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

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