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“The Godfwather Waltz”

It’s Sunday – that means classical music. I’ll be posting soundtrack tunes to movies this week. I start off with the Godfather, as it is the ultimate classic.

"The Godfwather Waltz" (download)
From the EP The Godfather Part III

“Waters of Irrawaddy “

This came out when I was a junior in High School. This music is ingrained in my psyche. I’ve slept to this song at least once every year since 1996. I’ve slept to it as recently as a week ago. This song served as the inspiration for this week’s music.

Enjoy, and try not to let it lull you to sleep.

"Waters of Irrawaddy " (download)
From the EP Beyond Rangoon

James Horner
“Field of Dreams”

This work is the theme for Field of Dreams, which is my favorite sports movie of all time. The Natural is second.
If you haven’t seen either of these movies, I ask that you pick up an iron glove and slap your face with it – It’s time for a duel. Someone has to go.

A mighty hip hip hooray goes out to James Horner for writing this one.

"Field of Dreams" (download)
From the EP Field Of Dreams

Randy Newman
“The Final Game”

The Natural is probably my number two all time favorite movie about baseball, but was the first one I watched. I was six years old when this movie came out, and my brother was five. I remember watching this movie with a sense of amazement about the game, the bat, and the players in the sport. It cemented baseball as a past time for me, and I have Randy Newman to partially thank for that.

"The Final Game" (download)
From the EP The Natural (1984 Film)

James Horner
“The Ludlows”

Some people think this is a sad song. I think it is beautiful. There are no words. Words fail…

"The Ludlows" (download)
From the EP Legends Of The Fall

“A Tree for my Bed”

I often sleep to this one. It’s soothing, soft, and ethereal. Again, there are no other words.

"A Tree for my Bed" (download)
From the EP Jurassic Park

“Concerning Hobbits”

Of all the music from LOTR, this is probably my favorite. It’s nice, calm and not nearly as dark as the rest of the movie. The shire was like heaven for middle Earth. No darkness whatsoever. just happy, drunken little people. It’s ok to call them little people isn’t it – they ‘re fiction anyway.

"Concerning Hobbits" (download)
From the EP The Lord of the Rings

“The Batman Theme”

This was a huge deal when it hit theaters. It was the biggest movie to hit theaters for its time. The release of this movie paved the way for all the other comics to release modern classics. (The batman movies don’t really count – well maybe they do, but I’m discounting them because they were the 80s for the most part)

"The Batman Theme" (download)
From the EP Batman