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“Waters of Irrawaddy “

This came out when I was a junior in High School. This music is ingrained in my psyche. I’ve slept to this song at least once every year since 1996. I’ve slept to it as recently as a week ago. This song served as the inspiration for this week’s music.

Enjoy, and try not to let it lull you to sleep.

From the Album: Beyond Rangoon

One Response to “Hans Zimmer – Waters of Irrawady, from Beyond Rangoon”

  1. on 05 Aug 2009 at 11:25 pmMaya

    Aw man, do you know about that norwegian group Secret Garden? As a kid I’d pretend I was some sort of English beauty. Anyways! Their music would make a nice lullaby as well. This song reminds me of it.

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