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Cat Power – The Greatest

Cat Power
“The Greatest”

Well, I wouldn’t call her the greatest. That might be reserved for Mohammed Ali, but she is great.
I first learned of Cat power through television commercials. After that, I went musical-spelunking for her works. She’s got some great tunes.

This one has bits of “Moon River” in it. Can you pick it out?

From the Album: The Greatest

3 Responses to “Cat Power – The Greatest”

  1. on 12 Jan 2008 at 9:47 amsarah

    I just wanted to let you know that alot of this music has touched me and made me broaden my musical interests…thank you so much for taking the time, effort and passion to share.
    Im sorry that this is only a one year project but at least I can go back day by day. =)
    Thank you

  2. on 22 Jan 2008 at 10:22 amrachel easom

    i must agree that cat power sounds pretty good. however, be warned that she puts on a “quite silly” live performance. and apparently has been doing this for a while. when i saw her last year, she was at least 20 minutes late, while her band was playing for her, and when she came out she was high as a kite and flopped around, not really even singing. after the first two songs, i went elsewhere. but i really do love this cd, as well as the work she did for V for Vendetta. thanks jg!

  3. on 01 Feb 2008 at 9:22 ambaby duck

    I never thought I’d hear “Cat Power” and “Moon River” in the same reference, but you’re right, The Greatest has a bit of that in it. I checked out her new Jukebox release. The arrangement on Ramblin’ (Wo)man is captivating. Hard to believe it is the same song as the original by Hank Williams. I wish she’d release the commercial song, but the word out there is it ain’t gonna happen.

    I think another year is in order. Here’s hoping!

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