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Don Ross
“Berkeley Springs”

“Berkeley Springs” is one of Don Ross’ more reflective pieces. He is a fingerstyle virtuoso and has won the prestigious National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship — twice. Like many great performers, he can make it look easy.
He’s been playing over 30 years and this piece sums up the masterful skill with which he composes. Don’t let this track fool you. A first-hand experience is needed to understand the love Don has for his music. He performs with passion and grace.

Many people are often curious what tunings Don uses. For this song it is FACFCF. Give it a try.

From the Album: Passion Session

One Response to “Don Ross – Flawless fingerstyle”

  1. on 21 Feb 2007 at 2:34 pmShawna

    Really nice, and I normally don’t go for the instrumentals. Not going to run out and pick this CD up, but I do appreciate it.

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