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Emiliana Torrini
“Today has been ok”

Icelandic. Organic. Exotic. Atmospheric. Acoustic. Melancholic. These are all words that aptly describe Emiliana’s music. This is a song made for closing-credits. It is also one of those songs perfect for personal reflection.

Soft, carefully-chosen piano chords along with xylophone cues and a non-intrusive bass line create a very soft foundation onto which she weaves a carefully-planned, soothing melody. Listen before you go to bed tonight, and you will sleep like a baby.

From the Album: Fisherman’s Woman

One Response to “Emiliana Torrini – Today has been ok”

  1. on 21 Feb 2007 at 2:24 pmShawna

    The music is great, but her voice reminds me of about a million other people. Different voice, I might give it a shot.

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