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Frou Frou – Let Go

Frou Frou,Imogen Heap,Guy Sigsworth
“Let Go”

I first heard this song while watching the movie “The Holiday” (Which is an awesome movie, by the way).
I can’t believe I hadn’t already been exposed to Frou Frou having already listened to everything by Imogen Heap.
Who knew she had a side project called Frou Frou? Ok, so I did know, but for some reason I skipped over this one.

I know it’s a bit of Electronica/Dance and a mix of downtempo trippy stuff, but I love it. There’s something about her voice that makes me a bit swimmy in the head.


From the Album: Details

5 Responses to “Frou Frou – Let Go”

  1. on 22 Mar 2007 at 11:31 amMary808


    I adore this song. The Holiday is a pretty good movie – it’s kind of your standard romance comedy… Zach Braff makes it unique, quirky and hilarious, which is what i love about him so much, and why he will be mine. (oh yes, he will be mine)

    these lyrics are gorgeous:

    It’s allright, cuz there’s beauty in the breakdown…

  2. on 22 Mar 2007 at 12:44 pmShawna

    I know it from Garden State Soundtrack. Love it! I didn’t realize (but totally makes sense) that it’s the same chic, cuz I really liked the Imogen Heap you had on previously! Thought it was familiar, think I even commented it sounded like Frou Frou.

  3. on 31 Mar 2007 at 12:56 pmMary808

    I just realized that The Holiday is a totally different movie from what i was thinking it was… The Zach Braff romantic comedy is something else entirely, although i don’t know what it is…. you know, where he’s about to get married, and has cold feet and has sex with another girl and admits to it, and the fiance breaks up with him but he persues her to the end and their love conquers all and they get back together?

  4. on 15 Apr 2007 at 9:34 amCasey

    Mary, it’s called The Last Kiss, with Rachel Bilson, right? I’m positive that’s the song you’re thinking of.
    My college roommate my freshman year was in love with Frou Frou, so obviously I listened to that a LOT. She had a spot on the local radio station that was like in the middle of the night, but the music was like this and it was awesome.

  5. on 04 Jul 2007 at 6:42 pmrachel easom

    gosh dang for loving such great songs, j-rock.

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