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Joshua Radin – Sundrenched World

Joshua Radin
“Sundrenched World”

“Tell me I belong”. That’s how this song ends. It makes me sad. The music so sweet — the words so sad.
My heart blisters listening to this.

Joshia reminds me of a modern day Simon and Garfunkel. There are a couple of songs on this CD which testify to that.

From the Album: We Were Here

3 Responses to “Joshua Radin – Sundrenched World”

  1. on 23 Feb 2007 at 10:01 amShawna

    Beautiful, but so sad, I wanna hug the guy!

  2. on 08 Aug 2007 at 10:24 amgtrgdss

    i love this song so very much. so bittersweet! this song inspired many things for me so i am thankful to Mr. Radin. i wrote him and told him thank you. ;)

    songs like this will always be under-rated. ;)

  3. […] for.  Although I didn’t get to hear my favorite song of any of these artists – Radin’s Sundrenched World  – I did get to hear a ton of my other favorites, including Love Song, Bottle It Up, Fairytale, […]

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