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Lhasa – The High Tide

“La Marée Haute”

This is a very natural progression from the previous post. This starts off with a clarinet and bass clarinet trading jabs. It rather quickly progresses into this wonderful mix of instrumentation. Listen for the xylophone and for the soft-mallet bass drum notes in this. Notice the high-pitched piano notes, soft snare rolls, and an occasional cymbal crash. Try to envision the water as you listen. I’m no expert in the French chanson style, but I do know this is quality work. I will certainly provide an update if she releases another album.

From the Album: The Living Road

One Response to “Lhasa – The High Tide”

  1. on 23 Jan 2007 at 2:31 pmMary808

    The 1st time you sent me this song, I looked up the translation of these lyrics, and love this phrase the most:

    On the high tide,
    I am assembled.
    the head is full,
    But the heart does not have enough.

    It’s so cute and desperate and – just, French-ular sounding. Do you have any idea what this song is supposed to mean?

    It has a kind of secret-circus-after-hours quality to it that i like a lot.

    Also, I would say that this is in 12/8 time… Does this qualify as a waltz?

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