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Matt Nathanson
“Bulletproof Weeks”

Matt finally gets posted here with this amazing guitar/piano/vocal combo. This is no cheap radio song, but I’m sure I’ll be singing it (or at least humming). It’s a great, wonderful song about fixating on the wonderful times summer gave us, only to realize they’re now gone, and being sadly nostalgic.

Ahh, summer love. :) Enjoy, and thank Matt Nathanson by buying his new CD.

From the Album: Some Mad Hope

One Response to “Matt Nathanson – bulletproof weeks”

  1. on 01 Oct 2007 at 3:48 pmsixtycigarrettes

    i love any song that has to deal with summer love/memories. this is a reallly good one. i love when he goes “talking to whats left of you/and watching what i say/i want to count the freckles/on your perfect face.” cause it reminds me of this guy i like who i only get to see in the summer, and its hard for me to talk to him sometimes. oh and he has freckles too. haha

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