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Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Nick Drake
“Pink Moon”

This song was originally released in 1974. The saddest thing about Drake’s music is that this song is being used to sell Volkswagens. He should be remembered for more than just a car commercial.

I relate to Nick’s style of guitar playing as itt closely resembles a style I used to play. I put Nick’s style of music in the same eccentric circle of artists such as Tom Waits, Neil Halstead, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and others.

Sadly, Nick committed suicide. He battled depression, kept his own hours, and had trouble sleeping during the latter years of his life. He was withdrawn, retrospective, and had a sense of disquiet about him. The UK Press said he had come to represent a certain type of ‘doomed romantic’ musician. There are others in my mind who have gone down a similar path as Nick: The Black Crowes, Lane Staley, Kurt Cobain. Heroine seems to be a common thread. Some make it out the rabbit hole, and some don’t.

If you like this song, check out more of his music.

From the Album: Pink Moon

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  1. on 20 Feb 2007 at 1:22 pmShawna

    Nick Drake is great, now I won’t bring you one of his CD’s, you know him already!

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