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Nicole Nordeman – River God

Nichole Nordeman
“River God”

I listened to this song last night for the first time in about 2 years and knew I had to post it today.

When I first heard this song many years ago, I was struck by the lyrical skills of Nicole as well as her mastership tickling the ivory. The words she chose here fit perfectly with the high piano notes. The piano part is so affecting and stirring because she counters these high piano parts with really deep root chords at the end of her phrases — It will touch you.

From the Album: Wide Eyed

One Response to “Nicole Nordeman – River God”

  1. on 21 Feb 2007 at 10:27 amShawna

    I feel like I should be watching a lion or bear or something in animation, getting saved by it’s mom or dad in a Disney movie. The piano is beautiful, but it just got too corny for me.

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