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Peter Gabriel
“Washing of the Water”

Yesterday, the high tide–Today, it’s about the “Washing of the Water”. This song is incredibly metaphorical, and has a great deal of depth (pardon the pun). I’m also posting this song for people who love and lived in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. For some, the waters took it all away. As the song says, may the waters also “Bring [you] something that will take [the] pain away.”

From the Album: Us

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  1. on 21 Feb 2007 at 2:27 pmShawna

    I saw him in concert a few years ago and he blew me away. He sounds just as good live, and he’s not lip syncing! For an older guy, he really shook his money maker on stage!

    Mercy Street is my favorite Peter song.

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