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Ray Charles
“This Little Girl of Mine”

Ray Charles was amazing. He did wonders for musicians during his time. The movie “Ray” brought to light many of the struggles Ray had as an artist. One of which was the opposition he faced when he started mixing gospel (mostly negro spirituals) with his music. This track “This little girl of mine” is very similar in parts to a song called “This little light of mine” (I’m gonna let it shine). It highlights the very simple method ray used to inject music of the time with a bit of soul – a bit of Ray’s own upbringing – into his music. It was a simple mixing, but it changed music forever.

Ray’s contribution to music is without measure.

From the Album: Definitive Ray Charles

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  1. on 09 Mar 2007 at 5:26 pmShawna

    Can’t ever go wrong with Ray!

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