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Rodrigo y Gabriela

This is fantastic. I’ve posted These two before, but I had to post them again this week. Good times.

From the Album: Rodrigo y Gabriela (with Bonus DVD)

One Response to “Rodrigo y Gabriela – Vikingman”

  1. on 13 Aug 2008 at 11:45 amTreloni

    I stumbled onto your blog through a Skreemr search for Jason Mraz. I’ve been exploring a lot of your posts and am thoroughly enjoying the variety–listening in the background makes work go by a little faster…

    I have always liked this song. This has got to be not only one of my favorite genres, but one of my favorite new artists in this genre. Good flamenco/classical guitar has not been easy to find.

    I must admit, I was surprised that with all this variety, especially after finding some Nickel Creek (one of my favorite bands and very good in concert) mentioned, that you don’t have any bluegrass!

    Try Ricky Skaggs “Cajun Moon.” If you can’t find it anywhere, let me know and I’ll send you a copy.


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