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Satchmo – Some Day

Louis Armstrong
“Some Day”

Today, I’ve decided to commemorate Black History Month. African-Americans have added to the richness of our national culture, and nowhere is this more true than in Music. The contributions African-Americans have made to music in this country is astounding. One of my favorite musicians of all time is Louis Armstrong (a.k.a. “Satchmo”). “Some Day” isn’t one of the more known of his works but is a special one for me. I used to listen to it while playing a WWII game, and since then it has always reminded me of WWII.

“The influence of Armstrong on the development of jazz is virtually immeasurable. Yet, his irrepressible personality both as a performer, and as a public figure later in his career, was so strong that to some it sometimes overshadowed his contributions as a musician and singer.

As a virtuoso trumpet player, Armstrong had a unique tone and an extraordinary talent for melodic improvisation. Through his playing, the trumpet emerged as a solo instrument in jazz and is used widely today. He was a masterful accompanist and ensemble player in addition to his extraordinary skills as a soloist. With his innovations, he raised the bar musically for all who came after him.” – Wikipedia

From the Album: Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong: Portrait

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