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The Voice Squad
“The Parting Glass”

A simply beautiful song, this is. Today is a day for revelers here in Dallas. Lower Greenville avenue will be filled, no doubt, with party goers wearing green. A parade, as is customary, will be led by Vincent Zubras playing the bagpipes as he has done for well over a decade.

Here’s the last verse:

If I had money enough to spend and leisure time to sit awhile,
There is a fair maid in this town who sorely has my heart beguiled.
Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips, I own she has my heart in thrall,
So fill me to the parting glass, goodnight and joy be with you all.

From the Album: The Greatest Songs Ever

4 Responses to “Voice Squad – The Parting Glass”

  1. on 30 Mar 2007 at 7:54 pmNig

    Heartily agreed, a beautiful song and one I would like played at ‘my parting glass’.


  2. on 09 Mar 2008 at 5:10 pmRacahel Mc G

    I absoloutely love this song, i want it palyed at my funeral :) im only 16 and am expected to listen to music like britney and sugarbabes,which i sometimes do, but i really love good honest music like this, i think I’ll buy the album (“,)

  3. on 03 Oct 2009 at 6:53 pmPaul

    I’ve listened to the numerous audio and video versions out there on the Web, and I think this is the best: clean, tight harmonies, at the right tempo, in a nostalgic but not overly sentimental mood. The version by the Wailin’ Jennings is too slow for me, and the version by the High Kings is too schlocky. The solo by Liam Clancy is ok, but I like the harmonized version better.

  4. on 11 Nov 2011 at 8:27 pmPaul Spitzer

    A wonderful, melancholy song beautifully performed by this group of men with rich, sonorous voices. I’ve heard many versions, and this is by far the best!

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