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Brendan James – Green

Brendan James

This one’s just a teaser. Sorry folks. If I can find a complete acoustic copy of Brendan performing this song, I would love to post it (brendan, if you’re reading this, send me a message!)

This guy is a modern day James Taylor. Listen to the enunciation in his voice when he sings – remind you? Brendan is a great singer/songwriter. He apparently didn’t start really getting into writing music until his sophomore year in college. College has a way of bringing things like that out of you I suppose.

Anyway, if you like this little bit, go buy his album or download it for $8 at The CD was released just 8 days ago. We’ve got to support more singer/songwriters!

If you must have more immediately, he’s on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook

From the Album: The Day Is Brave

2 Responses to “Brendan James – Green”

  1. on 19 Jun 2008 at 8:35 pmbaby duck

    “About the Artist” at Amazon is a fascinating read. I dl’d the mp3 of Green, but would love to get the complete acoustic version. The studio recording is quite a contrast to the mellow vibe in the clip you have. I like it, too, tho. Now if you can only find Let the River Run that he recorded with Carly Simon in 2003. :)

    Thank you, Kayla W, for inspiring new posts on digitalcitrus. We missed you.

  2. on 17 Jul 2008 at 9:04 pmMorgan Harper

    Wow, I’m sooo happy to see Brendan James gaining popularity, I have been watching him for some time now and he definitely deserves the attention he’s getting!! Wow, what an incredible artist…I really wish the songs he wrote such as “Early April Morning” and “Let Your Beat Go On Forever” were more in the spotlight, but hey, they will be in their timing. Thanks for this blog and introducing everyone to this amazing artist!

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