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I want a little sugar…

Nina Simone
“I want a little sugar in my bowl”

A few weeks ago I was in the Dominican Republic second-shooting a wedding with Dallas Wedding Photographer Stacy Reeves. We had an absolute blast!

During the reception, a lot of great music was played. One of the songs I had never heard was this one by Nina Simone – “I want a little sugar in my bowl”. I just thought I should share it with everyone here. Sit back, grab your loved one, and dive into this tune.

I hope you enjoy.

From the Album: The Very Best of Nina Simone

2 Responses to “I want a little sugar…”

  1. on 15 Aug 2008 at 6:54 amDavid Gulledge


  2. on 20 Sep 2008 at 9:02 pmNikole

    Jason – you are f-ing amazing. I’m not even ashamed of my potty mouth for saying that. Beautiful.

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