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David Gray
“This Years love”

“…This years love had better last…”

This is an amazing song. It’s track number eight on the CD, but you’ll be in love with this Album long before you get to it.

I know I’ve taken a sabbatical from the website. I’m back at the helm now though. I’m not sure it’ll be daily updates, but It’ll certainly be frequent.

Anyone have ideas for song choices? I’d like to do a theme. I’d previously been thinking of featuring a song from various countries around the world. What are your ideas? Email ’em to me:

From the Album: White Ladder

“Exit Music (For a film)”

I don’t know where to begin when it comes with Radiohead. I love Radiohead’s music as much (if not more) than I love cake. And I lerv cake. This song doesn’t begin to tell the story of how great Radiohead is. I truly hope you enjoy this song. I’ve got a playlist of my top Radiohead songs, and I’ve shared it with many friends. If ye want, ye shall receive.

ENJOY! That’s an order mister! (or mrs. or misses?)

From the Album: OK Computer

Imogen Heap
“Just For Now”

I obtained a copy of “Just for Now” performed live by Imogen Heap. This recording from studio 11 (103.1 FM). Many of you don’t know this, but Imogen’s music is the reason I started this site. If you like the music I post here, and have been touched by any of it, you have her to thank.

Here is the video to this live recording.

From the Album: Speak for Yourself

Matt Wertz
“I will not take my love away”

I’ve wanted to post a Matt Wertz song for quite a while now. Stacy reminded me tonight that I hadn’t yet. We listened to a few of his songs, and this one was the first one that I felt was right for the site. Just the other day, I was listening to a song playing on the TV as the end credits were rolling by at the end of a movie. It was a Matt Wertz song. This one – “I Wll Not Take My Love Away” – is fairly short, but just long enough for him to tell us exactly what he wanted to with the song. I love it when a song leaves you wanting more at the end. It’s usually the #1 reason I hit the replay button, and also serves as evidence that I’m hooked (on a feelin’).

From the Album: Everything in Between

Matt Nathanson
“Bulletproof Weeks”

Matt finally gets posted here with this amazing guitar/piano/vocal combo. This is no cheap radio song, but I’m sure I’ll be singing it (or at least humming). It’s a great, wonderful song about fixating on the wonderful times summer gave us, only to realize they’re now gone, and being sadly nostalgic.

Ahh, summer love. :) Enjoy, and thank Matt Nathanson by buying his new CD.

From the Album: Some Mad Hope

Ben Sollee
“Panning for gold”

This site wouldn’t be what it is today without you – the listener. I occasionally get emails from people who love this website and want to share artists they’re sure I’d love. This is one such case. A big thanks to Krystal for introducing me to Ben Sollee. If you know Krystal, pat her on the back for me.

I love this song. There’s such a flutter of goings on in this song. The soft high-pitched trills add an amazing depth to this song. It gives rise to a sort of tension that ends up resolving into the bridge. This song builds nicely and seems to end on a softer, more thoughtful note.

From the Album: Learning to Bend

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