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Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Nick Drake
“Pink Moon”

This song was originally released in 1974. The saddest thing about Drake’s music is that this song is being used to sell Volkswagens. He should be remembered for more than just a car commercial.

I relate to Nick’s style of guitar playing as itt closely resembles a style I used to play. I put Nick’s style of music in the same eccentric circle of artists such as Tom Waits, Neil Halstead, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and others.

Sadly, Nick committed suicide. He battled depression, kept his own hours, and had trouble sleeping during the latter years of his life. He was withdrawn, retrospective, and had a sense of disquiet about him. The UK Press said he had come to represent a certain type of ‘doomed romantic’ musician. There are others in my mind who have gone down a similar path as Nick: The Black Crowes, Lane Staley, Kurt Cobain. Heroine seems to be a common thread. Some make it out the rabbit hole, and some don’t.

If you like this song, check out more of his music.

From the Album: Pink Moon

Joshua Radin
“Sundrenched World”

“Tell me I belong”. That’s how this song ends. It makes me sad. The music so sweet — the words so sad.
My heart blisters listening to this.

Joshia reminds me of a modern day Simon and Garfunkel. There are a couple of songs on this CD which testify to that.

From the Album: We Were Here

Badly Drawn Boy
“The Shining”

This song gets high marks for its use of strings and a french horn. I’m sure this borders on baroque pop because of that.
However, this band has indie rock influences, and hail from the UK. They’re an interesting mix, and par for the course on a Saturday.

From the Album: The Hour of Bewilderbeast

Frou Frou,Imogen Heap,Guy Sigsworth
“Let Go”

I first heard this song while watching the movie “The Holiday” (Which is an awesome movie, by the way).
I can’t believe I hadn’t already been exposed to Frou Frou having already listened to everything by Imogen Heap.
Who knew she had a side project called Frou Frou? Ok, so I did know, but for some reason I skipped over this one.

I know it’s a bit of Electronica/Dance and a mix of downtempo trippy stuff, but I love it. There’s something about her voice that makes me a bit swimmy in the head.


From the Album: Details

Ross Copperman
“They’ll Never Know”

I’m willing to bet this is an awesome CD, but I haven’t had a chance to hear it. I only ran across this one song by Ross. If this song is indicative of his work, then he’s an amazing writer. It reminds me of three artists/groups: Radiohead (old school), coldplay, and Eisley. Enjoy this one. More music coming very soon.

From the Album: Welcome to Reality

“Reasons to Love You”

I found out about Meiko indirectly through He actually exposes a surprisingly large number of music talents.
Meiko is based out of Los Angeles. Her music reminds me of Feist in a lot of ways, but with a little bit of a southern drawl to her accent in some of her songs. This song is currently my favorite of hers.


Matt Wertz
“I will not take my love away”

I’ve wanted to post a Matt Wertz song for quite a while now. Stacy reminded me tonight that I hadn’t yet. We listened to a few of his songs, and this one was the first one that I felt was right for the site. Just the other day, I was listening to a song playing on the TV as the end credits were rolling by at the end of a movie. It was a Matt Wertz song. This one – “I Wll Not Take My Love Away” – is fairly short, but just long enough for him to tell us exactly what he wanted to with the song. I love it when a song leaves you wanting more at the end. It’s usually the #1 reason I hit the replay button, and also serves as evidence that I’m hooked (on a feelin’).

From the Album: Everything in Between

Matt Nathanson
“Bulletproof Weeks”

Matt finally gets posted here with this amazing guitar/piano/vocal combo. This is no cheap radio song, but I’m sure I’ll be singing it (or at least humming). It’s a great, wonderful song about fixating on the wonderful times summer gave us, only to realize they’re now gone, and being sadly nostalgic.

Ahh, summer love. :) Enjoy, and thank Matt Nathanson by buying his new CD.

From the Album: Some Mad Hope

Kate Havnevik

I’ve been very “downtempo” lately. Long hours at work probably have something to do with it.

I received a very nice email from a Alex O. which inspired me to find something tonight.

I’ve been listening to a love of Kate Havnevik, Imogen heap, (and frou frou of course) lately. I’ve also been listening to Gnarles Barkley and some rapper named Flo rida – his stuff is just hilarious, and he makes use of interesting rhythmic phrasing.

Anyway, the opening of this song, “kaleidoscope” reminds me of opening scenes of dramas, or closing credits. It’s somber and beautifully arranged. I hope this helps be break the ice on another year of posting music.

Please enjoy. Thank you all for the encouraging emails.

From the Album: Melankton

Sigur Ros
“Góðan daginn”

Don’t ask me what they’re singing about – I’ve no idea. I do know the title means good morning or good day. I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to this album and others of Sigur Rós lately. It seems to help counteract the current stresses with work. Something about the falsetto here is soothing. Sigur is like the Radiohead of Iceland. I really love their music.

From the Album: Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

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